Alshola Establishment produces all kinds of Perfumes, incense and perfumed Arabian Oud with different scents. The establishment was unique by introducing Frankincense and its derivatives in most fragrances produced. Also, the owner of the establishment has a wide experience in the art of blending old Omani perfumes and packing them in a traditional old style.
Another distinctive feature for the establishment is by granting its customers their own exclusive perfumes and perfumed Arabian Oud for their special occasions, whether it was wedding parties, engagements or birthdays, also printing the names of the happy couple on luxurious boxes made from velvet and silk to go with the colors and decoration of the wedding hall and the bride's koshat (chair) with reasonable prices.
Alshola provides its customers with different kinds of luxurious boxes and printin personal logos with a verity of shapes and colors for government sectors as well as banks and hotels. Our products gained publicity and trust as we are determined and focused on the quality of our product and packing with competitive prices and fast delivery to all parts of the world.
It is a craft inherited by generations: concentrated perfumes:

  1.  Jawharat Muscat (Muscat gem) concentrated blend.
  2. Almamora (the globe) blend with Oud oil, blue amber and deer musk.
  3. Samarham  concentrated blend with Frankincense oil.
  4.  Sohar concentrated blend.
  5. Musandam concentrated blend.

Spray perfumes

  1. Samail perfume and its complete collection consisting of perfumed oud , hair& body blend , body lotion and candles with the same scent suitable for weddings ( men & women)
  2. Samarham perfume with Frankincense oil with concentrated perfume and hair& body blend (the name refers to the old Samarham port where Omani oud was exported to the world.
  3. Jawharat Muscat (Muscat gem) perfume, consisting of old Omani perfumes with a complete collection (the name refers to Muscat gem ship).
  4. Ambroof perfume, consisting of Arabic & French perfumes blended together ( the name refers to Amroof town  in the heart of  Wilayat Rakhut at Dhofar Region)  .
  5. Alzamayim perfume and it complte collection ( the name refers to Sih Alzamayim)
  6. Oman Shabab( youth) complete collection ( the name refers to Oman shabab ship).
  7. Khareef( fall) Salalah with complete collection .
  8. Naseem Al Janoob (South breeze) Perfume with complete collection.
  9.  Ameeraty (my princes) perfume with complete collection.
  10. Shatha Al-Khaleeg( gulf scent) with complete collection.
  11. Alshola Musk (musk torch) perfume.


  1. Oud made with blue amber, deer musk and rose (very special and expensive).
  2. Perfumed Cambodian oud( jawaher al oud: oud gems).
  3. Perfumed Cambodian oud (with Taif rose).
  4. Perfumed Cambodian oud ( Janat Al Donya Salalah: Salalah the world paradise).
  5. Perfumed oud ( Al Dhofaria: Dhofari wemen)
  6. Alshola mixture.
  7. Ground oud perfumed with frankincense oil.
  8.  Ground oud perfumed ( Obar).
  9. Ground oud perfumed ( saba'ik Oman: Alloy)
  10. Very old Omani incense ( Al-hisin :the fort)
  11. Perfumed Cambodian oud ( Almamora: the globe).
  12. Perfumed oud (Fatima).
  13. Al Sandalia perfume (sandalwood).
  14. Alknooz( treasures) Frankincense .
  15. AlHail (cardamom) Frankincense.

All of these kinds in addition to special request for perfumes and perfumed oud.

All kinds of Dhofari Frankincense with its different levels:

  1. Frankincense collection includes: Dhofari Censer with frankincense wax+ frankincense water + Hojari frankincense + perfumed frankincense + incense made with frankincense oil.
  2. First grade Hasiki Frankincense. 
  3. First grade Hojari Frankincense.
  4. Najdi Frankincense.
  5. Shazri Frankincense.
  6. Pure Perfumed Frankincense.
  7. First grade Perfumed Frankincense packed with white musk.  Frankincense is packed according to the request of the customer; whether in boxes or special traditional Omani packing.
  8. Body Perfumed Frankincense powder.

We could provide all kinds of Frankincense in any quantity required.

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